Readers are responsible for providing Opendrift with data about the enviornment of the drifting particles or elements.

All readers descend from basereader.BaseReader. A reader generally also descends from one of the few general classes of readers. When writing a new reader consider which one fits your input data best:

The ContinuousReader is suited for data that can be defined at any point within the domain, or if the reader does its own interpolation internally. E.g. a synthetic eddy, or a constant. The StructuredReader aids in interpolation when creating a reader of data on a regular grid, while the UnstructuredReader provides the basics for irregularily gridded data (e.g. finite volume models).

See also

See the reader-types or reader-implementations for more details.

See basereader.BaseReader for how readers work internally.



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reader_from_url(url[, timeout])

Make readers from URLs or paths to datasets



opendrift.readers.reader_from_url(url, timeout=10)[source]

Make readers from URLs or paths to datasets