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Demonstration trajectory model based on OpenDrift framework.



class opendrift.models.windblow.WindBlow(seed=0, iomodule='netcdf', loglevel=logging.DEBUG, logtime='%H:%M:%S', logfile=None)[source]

Bases: opendrift.models.basemodel.OpenDriftSimulation

Demonstration trajectory model based on OpenDrift framework.

Simply advects a particle (passive tracer with no properties except for position) with the ambient wind.

Initialise OpenDriftSimulation

seed: integer or None. A given integer will yield identical

random numbers drawn each simulation. Random numbers are e.g. used to distribute particles spatially when seeding, and may be used by modules (subclasses) for e.g. diffusion. Specifying a fixed value (default: 0) is useful for sensitivity tests. With seed = None, different random numbers will be drawn for subsequent runs, even with identical configuration/input.

iomodule: name of module used to export data

default: netcdf, see for more alternatives. iomodule is module/filename without preceeding io_

loglevel: set to 0 (default) to retrieve all debug information.

Provide a higher value (e.g. 20) to receive less output. Use the string ‘custom’ to configure logging from outside.

logtime: if True, a time stamp is given for each logging line.

logtime can also be given as a python time specifier (e.g. ‘%H:%M:%S’)

max_speed = 12

Any trajectory model implementation must define an update method. This method must/can use environment data (self.environment) to update properties (including position) of its particles (self.elements)