Installing OpenDrift

Alternative 2: Using Mambaforge (alternative to Miniconda)

  1. Install mambaforge (download)

  2. Set up a Python 3 environment for opendrift and install opendrift

$ mamba create -n opendrift python=3 opendrift
$ conda activate opendrift

Modify install to use Git version

If you later want to edit the OpenDrift source code, or be able to update from repository with git pull, the following two steps are necessary. This yields the same as Alternative 1.

  1. Clone OpenDrift:

$ git clone
$ cd opendrift/
  1. Remove original package:

$ mamba remove --force opendrift
  1. Install as editable:

$ pip install --no-deps -e .

Building and using the Docker image

It is also possible to run OpenDrift in a docker container. You can either use the pre-built images (each release or latest master):

$ docker run -it --rm opendrift/opendrift:latest

or if you want to re-build the image using your local version of opendrift, check out opendrift and make your changes, then:

$ git clone
$ cd opendrift/

re-build the image:

$ docker build -t opendrift .

and run it:

$ docker run -it --rm opendrift