Initialising reader from JSON string

from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from opendrift.models.leeway import Leeway

o = Leeway()

Adding a CMEMS reader as a JSON string, and NCEP winds from thredds URL. For CMEMS, username or password must be stored in a .netrc file under machine name “cmems”, or provided explicitly instead of null

o.add_readers_from_list(['{"reader": "reader_cmems", "dataset": "global-analysis-forecast-phy-001-024-hourly-t-u-v-ssh", "cmems_user": null, "cmems_password": null}',

o.seed_elements(time=datetime.utcnow(), lon=123, lat=-16.1,
                number=1000, radius=1000)


o.animation(fast=False, skip=1, scale=10, background=
            ['x_sea_water_velocity', 'y_sea_water_velocity'])

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