Source code for opendrift.models.openoil.adios.models.oil.version_update


code for dealing with different versions of the data model

NOTE: this may need some refactoring when it gets more complicated


from .version import Version, VersionError


[docs]class Updater: ver_from = None ver_to = None
[docs] def __call__(self, py_json): this_ver = Version(py_json.get('adios_data_model_version')) if this_ver == self.ver_to: # nothing to be done return py_json elif this_ver != self.ver_from: # can't update this return py_json else: # we can do the update return self.update(py_json)
[docs]class update_0_10_0_to_0_10_0(Updater): ver_from = Version(0, 10, 0) ver_to = Version(0, 11, 0)
[docs] def update(self, py_json): # just in case this_ver = Version(py_json.get('adios_data_model_version')) if this_ver != self.ver_from: raise ValueError("Update called with JSON of wrong version" f"JSON version: {this_ver}, this updater " f"can update: {self.ver_from}") # change the name of the fraction_weathered attribute if 'sub_samples' in py_json: # very sparse records may not for ss in py_json['sub_samples']: md = ss['metadata'] # note: this may add a fraction_weathered = None, but that's OK md['fraction_evaporated'] = md.get('fraction_weathered') md.pop('fraction_weathered', None) py_json['adios_data_model_version'] = str(self.ver_to) return py_json
# NOTE: updaters need to be in order # not hard when there is only one :-) UPDATERS = [update_0_10_0_to_0_10_0()]
[docs]def update_json(py_json): """ updates JSON for an oil object from an older version to a newer one """ cur_ver = ADIOS_DATA_MODEL_VERSION try: ver = Version(py_json['adios_data_model_version']) except KeyError: # assume it's the version from before we added a version ver = Version(0, 10, 0) py_json['adios_data_model_version'] = str(ver) if ver == cur_ver: # nothing to be done return py_json # run it through the updaters for update in UPDATERS: py_json = update(py_json) # Now see if it worked ver = Version(py_json.get('adios_data_model_version')) if ver == cur_ver: return py_json elif ver > cur_ver: raise VersionError(f"Version: {ver} is not supported by this version of Oil object") else: raise VersionError(f"updater not available for version: {ver}")