Source code for opendrift.models.openoil.adios.models.oil.validation.validate

Validation of a single oil record

The actual validation is done in the Oil object (and sub-objects)

This just provides some  convenient wrappers around the validate call

from ..oil import Oil

import logging

# Putting these all here so we can keep track more easily
# from .warnings import WARNINGS
from .errors import ERRORS

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs] def validate_json(oil_json): """ validate a json-compatible-python record An Oil object is returned, if it's possible to do so. The "status" field is updated in place, with no other alterations of the record """ if "oil_id" not in oil_json: raise ValueError(ERRORS["E010"]) try: oil = Oil.from_py_json(oil_json) except TypeError as err: if "argument: 'oil_id'" in err.args[0]: raise TypeError(ERRORS["E011"].format(oil_json["oil_id"])) else: raise oil.reset_validation() return oil
[docs] def validate(oil): """ validate an Oil object oil.status is updated in place -- this is simply a wrapper around Oil.reset_validation() -- probably no longer needed """ oil.reset_validation()