Source code for opendrift.models.openoil.adios.models.oil.environmental_behavior

Main class that represents an oil record.

This maps to the JSON used in the DB

Having a Python class makes it easier to write importing, validating etc, code.
from dataclasses import dataclass, field

from ..common.utilities import dataclass_to_json

from ..common.measurement import NeedleAdhesion
from .properties import DispersibilityList, EmulsionList, ESTSEvaporationTest

[docs]@dataclass_to_json @dataclass class EnvironmentalBehavior: dispersibilities: DispersibilityList = field(default_factory=DispersibilityList) emulsions: EmulsionList = field(default_factory=EmulsionList) adhesion: NeedleAdhesion = None ests_evaporation_test: ESTSEvaporationTest = field(default_factory=ESTSEvaporationTest)