Source code for opendrift.models.openoil.adios.models.oil.cleanup.cleanup

#!/usr/bin/env python

classes for options to clean up Records

[docs]class Cleanup: # the ID is so that we can know which cleanup method this is # subclasses should define this! ID = None def __init__(self, oil): """ initialize a Cleanup object with an oil object :param oil: the oil object you want to clean up :type oil: adios_db.models.oil.oil.OIl """ self.oil = oil
[docs] def cleanup(self, oil, do_it=False): """ run this particular cleanup option :param oil: an Oil object to act on :param do_it=False: flag to tell the cleanup to do its thing. If False, the method returns a message. If True, the action is taken, and the Oil object is altered. :returns: a message of what could be done, or what was done. """ raise NotImplementedError